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Not sure if your pet is having an emergency?
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Our In-House Blood Donor Bank

North Texas has its very own canine blood bank, Canine Blood Heroes, housed here in Grapevine at the Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas. Similar to a human blood bank, our canine bank provides life-saving blood to patients with any number of different conditions. Many of these pets would not have a chance to survive without readily available blood.

We rely on the canine pet community to help us supply blood for dogs in need. It also means that you and your dog can help us! We are critically low on donors at this time. Please consider having your dog screened so they can be a donor. Not only can your dog be a hero by helping to save another pet’s life; you never know when your own pet might have an emergency that requires a blood donation.

Animal Blood Bank in Grapevine: Courtney and Dr. Peterson

Call us at (817)-410-2273 if you are interested!
We and our canine patients thank you!

Donor Eligibility

Eligible blood donors must be:

Over 50 lbs.

1-7 years old



Up-to-date on heartworm & flea preventative



Animal Emergency Hospital North Texas