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Team Members of the Month

Tommy Maupin assistant technical director and Jessica Spader receptionist.  They both received an exceptional compliment from a client for their caring and understanding.


I visited your facility around 7:00 on Sunday, September 18. My 8 year old dog Brinkley recently had anal resection surgery and needed some expert intervention. That came in the form of two of your finest- Jessica at the front desk who sweetly fielded my telephone call for help, and Tommy who was absolutley wonderful with his care and manner with my beloved pet.

From the moment we walked in, we were treated with care and concern. Jessica delicately handled a client ahead of me who was in tears. We quickly filled out paper work and weighed Brinkley and we waited in a room for a tech or vet to come by. A few short minutes later Tommy came in and we started talking about the issues at hand. Tommy was patient as I tried to collect my thoughts and make sense about my concerns about Brinkley. He was very kind and what I noticed the most was he was SO GOOD at helping me organize my thoughts. He knew the right questions to ask to help me get past my fear and concern and give him the “bottom line” answers he needed to assess the situation. He spent what seemed like 30 minutes with me helping with everything from a medicinal timeline to securing the last inflatable collar to prevent Brinkley from further irritating his surgery site. He inflated the collar, got it ready to go and took the best care with me, my friend who had to drive me, and most of all, Brinkley. Tommy said he loved his job and had been doing it for 10 years- his love of animals and personable nature make it easy to see why he does it.

It is my hope that the management team realizes what absolute winners it has in Tommy and Jessica. 
I have never been treated so well in an emergecny situation and I feel better knowing that should another need arise, I know exactly where to go for great care.


Alison and Brinkley Miner


Animal Emergency Hospital North Texas